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We produce dreamsWe produce dreams

We produce dreams

"We provoke unexpected charm that amaze and exceeds expectations of each customer.“

We offer a Catering premium service and planning of your event that could range from the simplest to the most spectacular productions.
No matter the size of your event or schedule, if you choose a garden, a ranch, a salon or an unusual location, stop worrying about the various complications that may arise, Ritchie Vergara and his team never will disappoint you.
Our team don't accept failures, and we have a clear objective, exceed the expectations of each client and their guests.

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Design your event¡now!Design your event¡now!

Design your event

For over 10 years we have learned the secrets, tricks, techniques and how to make magic in the world of events, turning your dreams in moments that you can live, share and remember. Tell us a little about what's on your mind, what you want to see, hear, taste and we are sure to achieve surprise every one of your senses.

What is your idea?

  • Hacienda Rijo

    Vergara Millán is an excellent choice to carry out the realization of your event. With years of experience and an excellent team, making each event a unique experience. That is the main characteristic that made us consider Vergara Millán our banquet supplier, the personalized and flexible treatment that gives much security to every customer and also achieves wonderful results.

    „At Hacienda Rijo we have seen several mountings at the same scenario and always, clients and we, were astonished, coordinators are highly creative and can play with their furniture, giving 360º turns at every celebration.

    They achieve to capture the essence that defines to the costumers and turn it into the decor. Furthermore, the quality of its services, the friendly staff, its working methods; the taste and presentation of their dishes, together create a perfect banquet service, fulfills its promise to take you to the realm of the unique and memorable.


  • Banda Citrus

    With 20 years in the market we have seen the emergence of countless services Banquet in Puebla.

    It's unusual for providers to treat us well, but if we as musicians give us a fabulous deal, imagine how they will treat you as a customer.

    We can only say that, from the beginning, Vergara Millán offer the higest attention and quality customer service.


  • Ex-Hacienda San Agustín

    „We are pleased to widely recommend the services of VERGARA MILLÁN for its high quality of service, efficiency, reliability and excellent price. .“


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